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13 Dec 2016

Avoiding brake pull and judder

07 Nov 2016

The damaging effects of a lack of diagnostic expertise

14 Oct 2016

Quantum Tuning debunk the myths that prevail with regard remapping

08 Jun 2016
06 Apr 2016

Although developing technology is part of everyday life, within the modern vehicle it is positively exploding.

04 Sep 2015
03 Jun 2015

Texa advises on what to consider when becoming an a/c specialist.

08 Apr 2015

Michael Flensborg, UK Sales & Marketing Director, Remy Automotive UK Ltd gives some advice on brake caliper fault diagnosis and installation.

06 Mar 2015

Sogefi highlights the best practice basics for successful replacement of the filter.

05 Feb 2015

Exploring the evolution of automotive glazing.

04 Dec 2014

Pico provides a case study using its Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH kit).

31 Oct 2014

In his latest article, James Dillon addresses a problem with the common rail diesel ECT on a 2010 SEAT Ibiza MY.

02 Oct 2014

James Dillon explains why increased vehicle complexity shouldn’t be feared, but instead embraced as a great opportunity.

02 Sep 2014

Pierburg takes MIM readers through the oil circuit pressurising procedure.

03 Jul 2014

James Dillon reveals a handy measurement technique for problematic ignition systems.

02 Jun 2014

Tim Howes, Deputy General Manager – Supply Chain & Technical Service, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd explains how the motor factor can maximise the opportunity in glow plugs.

02 May 2014

Michael Flensborg, Sales & Marketing Director, Remy Automotive UK Ltd looks at the importance of getting steering rack and pump replacement right first time.

02 Apr 2014

We have a talked a lot in this magazine about hybrid and how it might shape the future car parc. In this article, automotive trainer Steve Carter, looks at the technology behind hybrid vehicles and what you need to do to be ready to repair them.

28 Feb 2014

Tim Howes, Deputy General Manager – Supply Chain & Technical Service, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, explains what a mighty job the small spark plug carries out.

04 Feb 2014

James Dillon explains why paying for data is the only option for garages if they are to continue successfully servicing vehicles that cross their threshold.

03 Dec 2013

In the latest in his series of articles for MIM, James Dillon highlights an issue that has, over the past few years, become a significant problem for the independent workshop.

30 Oct 2013

Changed at every service, almost 20 million replacement oil filters are fitted to light vehicles in the UK each year. However, unwise oil filter selection could bring the engine to a halt, explains Sogefi’s Nigel Duffield.

30 Sep 2013

Aftermarket component supplier First Line gives an overview of the cooling system and provides some invaluable advice when it comes to following best practice for the fitment of the water pump.

04 Sep 2013

In the first of a regular series of articles for MIM, renowned industry technician James Dillon FIMI (pictured) looks at why so many vehicles aren’t ‘failing in the right way’...

02 Jul 2013

Malcolm Short, Technical Services Manager, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket (UK) Ltd, looks at ways to avoid costly mistakes when changing the timing belt.

04 Jun 2013

It may not be a new technology, but with the increasing variants of the Electric Parking Brake proliferating through the market place, it is advisable to become familiar with these different incarnations.

03 May 2013

How the switch assembly and rain sensors activate the wiper mechanism and washer motor pumps

03 Apr 2013

First developed in the 1980s, cylinder deactivation was trialled in larger engines only for it to stall over numerous engineering problems. But as technology advances and fuel efficiency gains greater impetus, the idea is making a comeback.

06 Mar 2013

Headlights that adapt to direction first appeared decades ago. While the mechanic method had limited take up, current technology has prompted a resurgence among manufacturers.

06 Mar 2013

Though colour dye is added to coolants for leak detection purpose it can provide clues as to its type.

11 Dec 2012

This issue we focus on some of the sensors associated with air quality control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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