Looking to the future: Hayley Pells FIMI

James Scoltock | 19 Nov 2019

Looking to the future: Hayley Pells FIMI

James Scoltock | 19 Nov 2019

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Hayley Pells FIMI on the industry, MOT sector and what the industry can offer youngsters

In part two of MotorPro’s interview with IMI member Hayley Pells FIMI, she discusses how important training is and how to encourage a new generation of talent into the industry

MotorPro: Training is the cornerstone of any career, how have you kept up to date with developments in our industry?

I am an enormous advocate of blended learning. The bulk of the training within the workshop is delivered through e-learning; it’s cheap, accessible and works at the learner’s pace.

Combining this with in-house open forum discussion, (usually with tea and biscuits), attending events such as Automechanika and the IGA, and taking full advantage of their free seminars and lectures gives the opportunity to check that you completely understand the areas you’re learning about.

I serve as an Industry Consultant to the TES Award Winning Bridgend College and my current project is the roll out of a Flexible Adult Learning Program specifically to upskill existing workshops with EV and Hybrid technology training.

I’m very excited to have received Welsh Government funding to future proof the training environments of the next-generation of apprentices. Without the backing of my academic advocates, this project would never have materialised and I am grateful they shared my vision that a safe working environment was critical to the economic well-being of our community in South Wales.

The project started two years ago, funding was achieved on the 30th of October 2019 and the delivery to the first cohort is expected in early 2020.

You recently became an IMI member, what made you decide to join the institute?

I have wanted to join the IMI for quite some time and took a long time to consider how to make my application, and if it would be successful and what I would do if it was not.

Gaining the confidence to pick up the phone and make that first enquiry snowballed, I was greeted warmly and seriously. It’s a great honour to be offered a Fellowship and I hope to prove myself deserving of that grade.

The motor industry is always on the lookout for new talent; what can it do to convince the next-generation to join it?

In Wales, encouraging talent is a priority regardless of what sector. The attitude is that skills are transferable and motivating all young people to engage in what excites them will result in a greater pool for all industries to draw from.

I work on a freelance basis for the “Big Ideas” project of Business Wales and alongside hundreds of luminaries from all walks of life we work as role models to inspire the next-generation through seminars, workshops, one to one sessions and projects.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a career in the motor industry?

Start by discovering how many roles there actually are within the sector, understand that the choices made today do not necessarily mean that you are limited by those in the future.

It’s OK to change your mind and incorporate what you have already learned into a new direction. Take advantage of how much open source information there is even from a simple web search, and look for placement offerings that provide clear opportunities to progress and what formal qualifications would help turbo charge those aspirations.

Hayley Pells FIMI is director at Avia Sports Cars

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