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Getting to grips with ADAS

Vaughan Pilmore, the AA’s Business Manager Technical Services | 21 Jan 2020

Getting to grips with ADAS

Vaughan Pilmore, the AA’s Business Manager Technical Services | 21 Jan 2020

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Get your CPD up to date with a look at the technologies changing the industry, from ADAS to TPMS

As the industry emerges into the light of a new decade, one thing is certain, change is upon us.

This change comes in many shapes, covering a huge number of areas including: the collection and utilisation of big data, restrictions on where vehicles can operate in the urban environment, customer ownership trends, vehicle propulsion systems and the masses of new technology which continues to be incorporated into what is still by far, the UK’s favourite mode of transport.

Which is why the IMI’s Member Association Events are becoming even more important, helping those in the industry to stay up to date with the latest developments and changes that could impact their jobs.

One of the first this year – an IMI and AA joint event – takes a look at some important technologies: ADAS, TPMS and DPF efficiency - discussing both new technologies and best practices on some established ones.

Red Vehicle Diagnostics are bringing their ADAS recalibration equipment. Level 1 and 2 ADAS systems are now being incorporated in some shape or form on most new production models planned in 2020, whether that be sensor, camera or radar. OEM’s currently recommend recalibration of affected systems after wheel alignment, sensor replacement, windscreen replacement and bumper removal where ADAS systems are fitted. So it’s increasingly important to understand these systems and the requirements they’re bringing.

Bartec Auto ID are the TPMS specialists. Legislation changed in November 2014, meaning all new passenger cars sold in the European Union were required to be equipped with a TPMS and the recent MOT changes include TPMS.

Educating technicians is key to recognising TPMS issues, whether it’s under or over inflated tyres, or sensor errors including failing batteries due to the lifetime of batteries that are now coming to an end.

DPF efficiency developments are also having a big impact on the industry. Recent changes to the MOT test where the DPF isn’t working efficiently, has been tampered with or at worst removed, requires technicians to be more aware of the risks not only to the owners pocket, but more importantly to the environment.

Meeting the challenges and accessing the opportunities that these changes will bring is at the heart of the event. To help, the AA is opening in facilities in partnership with the IMI in its 100th year, to host, bring together and connect technicians from both within the AA and across the automotive industry

The IMI and AA CPD event with talks on ADAS, TPMS and DPF efficiency and workshop appraisals is held on the 25th January. To find out more and book your place contact Vaughan Pilmore

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