IMI MAGAZINE - september 2018

Zero worship

Earlier this summer the Road to Zero strategy was launched in the earnest and portentous tones used when governments wish to convey that their plans hold a significance that transcends quotidian political matters.

Published on 03 Jun 2018


Currently there are about 35,000 (yes 35,000, this is not a misprint) qualifications available for learners seeking vocational recognition in the various trades and professions.

Published on 03 Sep 2018

Globalising standards

Herbert is a tricky man to get hold of, such is the nomadic nature of his role. Indeed, the pages of his passport probably resemble ancient parchment such is the regularity with which they are thumbed. However, on a rare break from globetrotting he sat down at Fanshaws to discuss recent developments in the IMI's international work.

Published on 03 Sep 2018

Also in this issue

Reaching the end

IMI carries out the first end-point assessment for new light vehicle apprenticeship standard

Will harmony prevail?

The background to the recently instituted Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure

Reversing disenchantment

On Peugeot's attempts to resuscitate the dwindling D-segment

The sales anachronism

Why selling should no longer be part of the sales process

A business health check

Put your white coat on and assess if you have a healthy business

Zero worship

Analysis of the government's Road to Zero strategy


Introducing T-levels, the technical alternative to A-levels

Globalising standards

Interviewing IMI international business manager, Herbert Lonsdale

"The best it's been for 30 years"

Painting a picture of the UK bodyshop sector

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