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Black cabs go green

The man at the helm of the iconic London Taxi Company (LTC) was in overdrive as he spelled out his plans to beat the Brexit blues by launching a 'green' electric black-cab invasion of mainland Europe.

Published on 07 Apr 2017

A guide to employment law

Looking at the 'gig' economy, parental leave and childcare, and five essential tips for any business to stay compliant with the law

Published on 07 Apr 2017

Fatal Distraction?

Shaun Helman and John West provide two very different perspectives

Published on 07 Apr 2017

Also in this issue

Saving faith

On findings which make the IMI F&I Accreditation all the more vital

The Geneva treat

A precis of the Geneva Motor Show

GM network to be cut

The implications of the PSA takeover of GM

You're Welcome

The need to proactively integrate non UK workers

Flexible thinking

Adopting a consumer approach to trade software provision

Black cabs go green

On the birth of the electric London taxi

A guide to employment law

An overview of employment law in 2017

Fatal Distraction?

Is in-car technology a help or hindrance to road safety?

Thou shalt pass

The tools helping independents leverage EU regulation

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