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The fall guys

Published on 8 Sep 2017

Over the last 100 odd years our destructive streak has accelerated at a supersonic rate – and facilitating many of its most injurious effects has been the internal combustion engine.

Coping with change

Published on 8 Sep 2017

Theresa May caught everyone by surprise by calling an early election (before being caught by surprise herself – by the outcome!). The problem with any election is that, even if

Acquired wisdom

Published on 10 Jul 2017

This issue features news of the acquisition of The Parts Alliance Group by North American automotive aftermarket distributor Uni-Select. The purchase signals the end of a three year period of

Prioritising mental wellbeing

Published on 10 Jul 2017

I am glad to see that the issue of mental wellbeing is taking more of a front-seat in the UK consciousness. In particular, a number of initiatives have raised awareness

Now that's ironic

Published on 8 Jun 2017

Unlike when seeking buried treasure, you don’t need a detector and endless supplies of patience to find examples of life’s ironies. Indeed, if detectors were able to divine irony then,

An imbalanced act

Published on 7 Jun 2017

In this edition of IMI Magazine we cover two issues which currently account for a significant amount of the media coverage that our industry attracts. They are the ongoing debate

Perception is everything

Published on 11 May 2017

Rather appropriately it was on the day of the London Marathon that I crossed the finishing line – the culmination of months of toil and torment – relieved, exhausted, elated

The driving mirage

Published on 11 May 2017

With recent high profile conferences taking place discussing the implications of connected and autonomous cars, it is clear that the wider industry is becoming more and more interested. Whilst many just

Don't be fooled by the shiny and new

Published on 11 Apr 2017

Last month came an announcement that the penalty for getting caught using your mobile while driving is becoming more punitive: a whopping six points and £200 fine. You would have

Changing the model

Published on 11 Apr 2017

There is understandably much debate going on around our industry about what many regard as the most significant technical changes we will have seen for perhaps 100 years and the

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