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The Route to Electric Vehicle Repair

Published on 21 Mar 2019

The SMMT figures for January 2019 show that alternative-fuel vehicle registrations grew by 26.3% to reach a total new car market share of 6.8% – a growth largely attributable to

Getting the Right Mix

Published on 5 Feb 2019

It was a mere issue ago that I was commenting on the much publicised underspend of apprenticeship levy funds and how the chancellor might have been a little more generous

Embracing the Past

Published on 5 Feb 2019

“Online retailing hasn’t taken hold as it has in other industries – and this isn’t a surprise. Purchasing a car isn’t like buying a loaf of bread; it is a

The ownership misapprehension

Published on 13 Dec 2018

Last issue’s cover story was devoted to the rise of what has been coined the ‘subscription economy’. When applied to the motor industry, this neologism represents a shift away from

An opportunity lost

Published on 13 Dec 2018

By the time this magazine reaches you we may actually have finalised a Brexit deal - or not, as the case may be. In the short term, we do at

Trust in time

Published on 8 Nov 2018

I had initially intended to base my monthly meditations on the future of car ownership and the subscription economy, an obvious choice given it is the subject of this issue’s

Future subscribers

Published on 8 Nov 2018

After quite a long and consistent period of growth the new car market is encountering a number of headwinds. These include the dieselgate-led decline in diesel sales – not yet

Don't waste energy

Published on 10 Oct 2018

Over the summer I attended a conference which asked how consumers can be incentivised to take up electric vehicles. Superficially, it is a reasonable question to pose given the ongoing

Inspiring the industry's future

Published on 10 Oct 2018

More years ago than I care to remember (or admit to), I gained my first taste of the motor industry through a summer job delivering parts for a large manufacturer-owned

T for trouble

Published on 3 Sep 2018

The idea of any educational reform being straightforward and uncontroversial is quixotic in the extreme; however, T-levels (pages 36-37) seem to have been particularly bedevilled by problems. One such was

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