IMI MAGAZINE - november 2018

Deciphering the subscription

In our latest market report, The Future of Car Ownership, we’ve focused on what’s widely expected to be the next layer of disruption for the automotive industry: the evolution of car ownership and the widening spectrum of alternative ways to access vehicles. 

Published on 07 Nov 2018

From Ardingly to Adelaide

“Don’t let the sun go down on me” implores Elton John in pop music’s most famous solar-themed ballad. It seems unlikely Sir Elton had solar-powered cars in mind when he penned the song; however, the lyric serves as the perfect incantation for participants in next year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – a daunting 3,000km race from Darwin to Adelaide in machines powered only by energy from the sun.

Published on 07 Nov 2018

The PCP Ascendancy

Personal Contract Purchases (PCPs) provided the finance for some 82% of new car sales in the UK in 2017. That equates to nearly £26bn of bank borrowing. You could therefore argue convincingly that PCP finance fuelled the six-year long new car sales boom which only began to run out of steam in Q2 2017.

Published on 07 Nov 2018

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Know their rights

How increased consumer rights have left used car dealers vulnerable

Breaking free

An analysis of the pros and cons of de-franchising

Deciphering the subscription

How subscription services are set to impact the vehicle retail sector

From Ardingly to Adelaide

How the sun is powering a school trip with a difference

The PCP Ascendancy

What's in store for the predominant form of motor finance

A steer in the right direction

An in-depth look at the steering and suspension sector

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Why there are no shortcuts to building trust

The move from ownership to subscription

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