IMI MAGAZINE - july 2018

Autonomous now

In May's issue (pages 34-35) Traka's Paul Smith outlined the six levels of autonomy, detailed how Audi's A8 and Tesla's Model S are already around Level 3, and noted that driverless motoring could be a reality on UK motorways by 2021.

Published on 10 Jul 2018

Just my type

The UK has one of the most vibrant, innovative and competitive aftermarket sectors in Europe and, following the ratification of the recommendations in the Dalton report (the Dalton in question being not Timothy but UK MEP Daniel Dalton), recent changes to European vehicle type approval regulations must be embedded into UK legislation after Brexit.

Published on 10 Jul 2018

Tech me out

According to reports, car manufacturers and garage owners say they can’t hire the skilled talent they need and, as the baby boomers retire in their droves, there is set to be a surplus of jobs going begging.

Published on 10 Jul 2018

Also in this issue

Apprentices - no calculated gamble

How South Africa is demonstrating the value of apprentices with the help of the IMI

What's in a name?

The need for greater clarity around naming autonomous functionalities

An inauspicious outlook

The reasons for pessimism as to the future

The corporate conundrum

Increasing corporate sales through telephone prospecting

Combatting bullying

Measures to combat the workplace scourge

Autonomous now

The blockbuster themes in the shift to self-driving

Just my type

Analysing the recent changes to type approval legislation

Tech me out

Why the industry needs to lure back recession-fleeing technicians

The great diagnostic swindle

Why 'sham' diagnostics damage the industry

Digital Magazine - July 2018

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The apocalyptic connotations of autonomous vehicles

Why and how businesses should become more diverse

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